Our Mission:  To create awareness of the social, economic, and political realities in Latin America through research, study and travel in order to strengthen relations between the United States and Latin American countries.


Our Purpose:  To promote the realities of Latin America, and disseminate accurate news and information through sponsoring projects and events, and encouraging the development of humanitarian and sustained relations between the Citizens of United States and Citizens of Latin American countries, through research, conferences, academic exchange, radio, broadcast programs and collaborative studies and joint projects between institutions in both countries.  C-LAR facilitates the exploring, development and establishing collaborations and relationships for corporate entities, organizations, institutions and individuals interested in improving sustained relations in our hemisphere.  


Our Goal:  To encourage the American public and its leadership to develop and maintain policies that promote mutually beneficial relations with Latin American countries as well as promote full participation in society, human rights, social justice and sustainable development programs that protects the environment.


 Join The Council on Latin American Relations and participate in C-LAR events, programs and travel missions. Explore Latin America, develop relations with organizations, institutions and local citizens.  Develop awareness, knowledge and learn from our neighbors and professional counterparts in your area of expertise. 


C-LAR - Building collaborations for a Peaceful hemisphere